One plus one does not equal two.  When we decide to join together as a couple, we invest part of ourselves in order to create a powerful and important new entity.  This entity becomes the vessel that holds all of our hopes, dreams, and desires.  But, as many of us discover, relationships don’t always work.  Circumstances begin to reveal to us that the friendship is not what we expected or that our partner is not who we imagined them to be. Disappointment, anger, and fear begin to replace the initial dream. That’s how you know that it’s time to ask for help.

Getting the help you need

The goal of couples counseling is to help couples recognize and manage conflict and improve their relationships.  Research shows that difficulties within a relationship are very rarely the result of one person's short comings The thing about relationships is that they reveal not only our strengths but also our weaknesses and challenges in our relationship with others, with ourselves, and with life.  

I am trained in the Gottman method of couples counseling.  This perspective focuses on helping couples build a lasting relationship by learning to become better friends, and to manage, not necessarily resolve, conflict.   

Letting a stranger in on the most intimate and private details of your life and your relationship, takes a lot of courage .  There is a lot on the line but taking this step is progress toward addressing and resolving the issues that are keeping you from having the relationship you want.  Together we can determine if couples counseling is the right step for you to take depending on your current situation.

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