Military Personal

The men and women on tanks, in cockpits, and on aircraft carriers who dedicate themselves to protecting the nation's security and freedom do so at a high price.  Military members seek treatment for a number of issues, such as depression, anxiety, grief and loss, substance abuse, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Although these are common issues for civilians as well, military personnel struggle within the context of the demands placed on them within the military culture. 

Prior to my work in private practice, I worked with soldiers and their family members at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.  I have come to understand and empathize with the stressors associated with this unique culture.  Several deployments to war in Iraq and Afghanistan have often meant long separations with only a year or less between.  Maintaining a healthy marriage is hard enough, but the constant shifting of roles and new routines in response to the leaving and returning of a spouse or parent can often place intense stress on families and marriages.  I work with couples on positive and appropriate communications, ways to support each other, and how to clearly identify needs, hurts, wants, and compromises.

First Responders

Prior to opening my practice in Dupont Circle,  I provided therapy to the men and women of the Washington, DC Police Department and their family members.  Through this experience, I became aware of and familiar with the unique needs of first responders. I am familiar with the organizational dynamics in law enforcement agencies as well as the police culture. I understand the unique stressors and working conditions first responders face on a daily basis. Shift work, longer hours, and the hazards of public safety also have disruptive effects on families. I provide therapy for couples and families impacted by the first responder’s job.