Individual Therapy

In the context of individual therapy, also referred to as counseling or psychotherapy, you and I will work one-on-one in a safe, authentic, and confidential environment.  Together we will explore emotions, thoughts, and behaviors that may be impeding your growth, and identify aspects of your life that you'd like to change.  Through this process, you will gain a better understanding of yourself and others, and set personal goals as you work toward shaping the life you want.

You can get started by contacting me at or by phone at (540)358-0336.  In a brief phone conversation, I will gather some basic information and address any practical concerns or preferences you may have.  We will then schedule an initial consultation to explore what you'd like to focus on and I can tell you a little bit about how I work.  Individual therapy sessions typically last 45-minutes and are scheduled on a weekly basis. 

Practice Specialties

Relationship Issues:  Including intimacy, loneliness, professional relationships, family dynamics, marriage, friendships, and how you relate to yourself.

Symptoms: depression, stress, trauma (PTSD), anxiety, disorganization, detachment, impulsivity.

Self-esteem:  Self-worth, self-respect, self-confidence.

Life Crises and Transitions

Grief and Loss

Newcomers to Washington DC:  Washington is a fascinating but somewhat transient city.  As a result, it can be lonely and alienating for those who've moved here from afar to pursue a career, education, or a relationship.   

Cultural Identity Issues

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